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It is time again for the annual Skull Manor Costume Ball! Skull Manor is an old estate in the heart of Spider City known for its captivating architecture, mysterious ambiance and unspeakable history. The townspeople have been scurrying about the streets to get ready for the big night of great food, inspiring conversations and, of course, outrageous gossip. This has been a daunting year of dissension and discord among many of the residents of Spider City.

Rumors of blackmail, thievery, and scandalous controversies have been circulating throughout the town’s grapevines. We all hope everybody can put aside their differences for a night of fun. If not, there may be misfortune on the horizon. This is where your story begins.



Hat Designer 

The Crazy Hatter is a world-renowned hat designer known for eccentric fashion pieces and for being the source of spilled secrets in Spider City. This unconventional hat maker has mastered the art of eavesdropping, so if you have skeletons in your cupboard, it is best not to breathe a word of them. Large hat, velvet suit. Red wig and crazy makeup with a cane as an optional accessory. 




 Lane Croft is one of the most interesting people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Lane travels the world in search of ancient artifacts and hidden treasures. With enraged foes around the globe, Lane is forced to live in a secret location in Spider City. Black leather (vinyl okay) attire with a large toy gun(s) &/or bow & arrow.



Horse Groomer 

Sam Stables is the obnoxious horse groomer at the Spider City Downs – home of the Pumpkin Cup Thoroughbred Horse Races. Sam is currently under investigation for scandals at the track, and the Spider City rumor mill reports Sam may not have a job for long! Ranch hand / western costume.



Archery Instructor 

Kai Evergreen is the boisterous archery instructor from Mississippi. Kai speaks with a charming southern accent and follows the rules of southern hospitality. However, Kai has a hidden dark side, so avoid enraging Kai at all costs. Archer costume. Toy bow and arrow as a prop.



Pop Star 

Katy’s super-stardom has afforded her never-ending cash flow and high-level connections, but she cannot stay out of the trash tabloids to save her life! Katy is uber-famous for her talent, but her recent troubles have darkened her reputation. Very trendy pop star attire.



Amusement Park Character 

Ella Frost is employed as a character actress at Dark Shadow Amusement Park. She plays the role of a fairy tale ice princess named Emma—and hopes to one day use her acting skills to make it to the Hollywood big screen. Ice princess costume.



Vigilante - Villain 

Harlequin is an enigma to most people of Spider City. On the one hand, she has been seen fighting crime on the streets at night. Others report that she is the criminal mastermind of the underground. Nonetheless, she doesn’t have a day job but can afford expensive things. Jester costume, theatrical makeup and a crazy wig of any kind.



Cupcake Chef 

Betty Archer is a talented cupcake chef. She made her television debut on Cooking Network’s Cupcake Battles where she placed in a disappointing second place. Betty doesn’t take the blame for the loss, however. Quirky 1950’s attire &/or a cupcake costume.



National Football League Cheerleader

Mitzi Minx is genuinely fun to be around because she was born for comedy. She’s a knee-slapping amateur comedian during the off-season and is ready to put her pompoms away and become a professional standup, but she hasn’t mustered the courage. Cheerleader costume. Optional: bring some jokes with you to perform for others…why not?



Movie Memorabilia Collector

Dark Vadon makes a living as a movie memorabilia collector and auctioneer. Dark is known for wearing head-to-toe movie costumes, and some find this behavior to be quite strange. Dark is very blunt and to the point, but most people find this off putting. Darth Vader costume or any other movie costume.



Viking Tough Runs, Founder / Coordinator

Darby is the founder of the Viking Tough Runs—five-mile obstacle courses that challenge racers with mud, barbed-wire, heights, and small spaces. Darby’s races are not for the weak of heart. All players on this team are to wear Viking costumes.



Lounge Singer

Victoria Glaminton is the insufferable lounge singer at the Witching Hour Lounge. Lacking manners and decorum, offensive words flow from her mouth like a full-blast fire hose. Victoria isn’t known for being friendly, so tread with caution around this diva. Glamorous evening gown.



Mad Scientist

Dr. Druid was terminated from Telomere Tech University for performing illegal research on human subjects. The professor swiftly relocated to Spider City and rumor has it that s/he is working out of a garage laboratory. Mad scientist costume. 



Crab Boat Captain

As a teen, Cap’n Clause served as a deckhand on his/her father’s boat as a salmon gillnetter. Now, s/he’s one of the top crabbers in the Alaskan waters. Cap’n Clause is relentless and pushes the crew of The Crab Rave to work an exhausting amount hours in extreme conditions. Pirate captain costume.



Travelopagus Spokesperson

Max Million is the spunky spokesperson for Travelopagus—the world’s largest online travel agency. Max Million is paid to travel and take fun pictures while vacationing in exotic locations. Some say Max Million has the sweetest gig on the planet, while others ridicule Max for having to wear a gnome costume everywhere s/he goes. Gnome costume.



Clown for Hire

Clammy the Clown’s reputation as a performer has plummeted to oblivion with the residents of Spider City. Clammy is a party clown for hire who has been around for years, but recently, Clammy’s behavior has turned dark. Something’s not quite right in his/her head. Clown costume – make it as spooky as you wish.  



Academy Award-Winning Actor

Orlando Depp is the snooty Academy Awardwinning actor with childhood roots in Spider City. Orlando Depp loves to return to his hometown to escape the paparazzi—for some reason, the media doesn’t cross the town lines? Nonetheless, Orlando is demanding and acts as if everybody’s beneath him. Trendy party attire. Bring a Sharpie marker in case people want autographs.




Dr. Buford Roid is the nerdy proctologist who takes his job very seriously. If you’re not into discussing the health of your backside, you may want to avoid this not-so-charming chap! The doc has good intentions, nonetheless. Lab coat and stethoscope as a prop. Optional to bring a pair of examination gloves.



Pumpkin Patch Owner

Jack Jumpman is the creepy owner of the Spider City Pumpkin Patch. Jack Jumpman has a habit of frightening customers of the patch by jumping out at them. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere else to buy a Halloween pumpkin, so Jack Jumpman’s business is safe for now. Pumpkin Head costume.



Owner, Merlin’s Beard Magic Shop

Magic, anyone? Merlin’s Beard Magic Shop is the one-stop-shop for all of your magical needs…that is, if you have any. Merlin Wiser is a super-friendly community leader who performs a weekly magic show at the Witching Hour Lounge—he’s a hit with the kids! Wizard costume.



Teen Rebel

With both parents as loving physicians, Pee is the rebellious teen who combs the streets of Spider City every night looking for trouble. A teenage dropout, this nonconformist often ends up on the wrong side of the law. It’s only a matter of time before she lands behind bars. Rebellious teenage attire such as torn tights, colored hair (wig), thick makeup.



Pilot, Plumet Airlines

Plumet Airlines is known for taking in ‘unemployable’ pilots, and they do this so they can offer cheap tickets! Captain Ron Feldman is the notso-serious pilot that loves to play jokes with his passengers during flights over the overhead system. Pilot costume.



Salesman, Jenk Alarms

Scotty Kay is the top salesman for Jenk Alarms— the number one residential alarm company in Spider City. Scotty Kay is so smooth; he could sell an open can of red paint to a lady in white gloves. Business casual attire.




Mo Plinker is the lead performer for Circus de Olay—an Australian-based theatrical company that puts on shows of awe-inspiring circus arts and street entertainment. Mo Plinker is a contortionist and can bend his/her body in ways never seen by humankind. *This character may be expanded to include up to 15 members of the Circus de Olay performers (male or female). Circus performer costume such as a unitard (sparkly for female) with facepainted in a theatrical manner.

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Great fun in a welcoming atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back!

Rennie N. Bailey

Savannah and Brandon are so great. We missed out class day and they let us come the next day. They were so helpful also. Great place. We will be back

Maggie Culver

I enjoy spending time with my wife doing these projects. The environment is laid back and the lady’s are always ready to assist or give a suggestion. 10/10

Chris Townsend

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